Saturday, June 29, 2013

# 145 Perry Mason and the Case of the Sulky Girl (CRT)

Spoiled, young heiress to be Francis Celane wants to get married. But she can't due to a stipulation in her late father's will. If she marries before turning 25 she'll lose an inheritance of over one million dollars. Determined to get her way Francis hires hard-nosed lawyer Perry Mason to convince the trustee Dexter Norton, who just happens to be her uncle, to let her marry and keep the money. But just after Uncle Dexter stubbornly refuses to see things her way he's killed and her boyfriend, Robert Gleason, is fingered for the murder. To make matters worse Francis is being blackmailed. It's a complicated, mixed up mess and Perry must sort things out quickly if he's to solve The Case of the Sulky Girl.

Perry Mason and the Case of the Sulky Girl is a Colonial Radio Theatre presentation offering solid sound design and production value. Erle Stanley Gardner provides an excellent story for dramatization. Acting varies from average to above average. Overall this is an enjoyable audio adaptation. Definitely worth listening to. A plus for any radio drama enthusiasts collection.

From CRT: 
An impetuous niece who demands her trust fund be released comes to Perry Mason for help. But it's her boyfriend who needs defending when he is charged with murdering her controlling uncle.

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