Monday, June 18, 2012

The Mark of Zorro Sequel

According to the Zorro Productions Inc website and the Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates blog a sequel to The Mark of Zorro is forthcoming. Award winning Australian dramatist Barry Creyton (Australian Broadcasting Corporation and BBC) will man the helm for the follow up production replacing the late Yuri Rasovsky. Interestingly Creyton has a reputation for creating cinematic audio drama so the expectation will be for high octane sound effects and music. Val Kilmer and Ruth Livier will return to reprise their roles as Zorro and Lolita Pulido. No word on what other noted Hollywood names might be cast in the follow up to the Grammy and double Audie nominated drama.

The Mark of Zorro

#137 The ABC Murders (Hercule Poirot)

It's a murderous game of catch me if you can! A killer has challenged the genius of Poirot's "little grey cells" sending him a letter saying a person whose name begins with the letter "A" will be murdered on a certain date in a certain city and it's up to him to stop it from happening. If he refuses the case or can't solve the crime in time another murder will be soon to follow. This time a person will die whose name begins with the letter "B". For each failure to stop the killer he vows to strike again randomly selecting a victim who name begins with the next letter in the alphabet. To chastise Poirot and show him he's not so clever the killer sends him a taunting letter with a clue to the identity of the next victim. John Moffatt provides the voice of Hercule Poirot in another great murder mystery from the mind of Agatha Christie produced by the BBC.

From the BBC:
A BBC Radio full-cast dramatization starring John Moffatt as the great Belgian detective. Alice Ascher is murdered at Andover. Betty Barnard is strangled at Bexhill-on-Sea. Each time, an ABC railway guide is found by the dead bodies and, each time, Poirot is warned in advance by a letter from someone signed "ABC." But who is ABC? And can Poirot find out in time to prevent the death of C?

#136 Son of a Wanted Man (Louis L'Amour)

Louis L'Amour brings you almost 3 hours of western adventure in Son of a Wanted Man. Based loosely on the full length Louis L'Amour novel this story tells the tale of Miguel "Mike" Santos. Orphaned at a young age by outlaws who killed his father in a robbery he is taken to live with the gang and raised by their leader Ben Curry. He's grown up learning the ways of living on the wrong side of the law. He knows how to cheat at cards, rustle cattle, work over a brand, crack a safe, plan a hold up, rob a bank, a stage or a train, and make a get away without getting caught. He's good with a gun. Pistol or rifle, makes no difference. He can hunt and track. But Mike has also been educated on the ways of the outside world as well. Now as an adult his adoptive father is about to leave the outfit to him. Will this be the life he chooses to lead or will he choose another path? Will Mike have time to make a decision one way or another before the law pinpoints the hideout and all hell breaks loose? Will he be able to stave off an insurrection by some of Ben's own men?

Son of a Wanted Man is traditional high stakes fun from Louis L'Amour. This production offers a strong story and exceptional acting. Produced in the truest sense of a radio drama this presentation has, with the exception of the opening introduction, no narration. Son of a Wanted Man is a first rate drama any western fan is sure to enjoy.

From Louis L'Amour:

Son of A Wanted Man tells the story of Ben Curry and his adopted son Mike Santos. In a remote corner of California's High Sierra mountains lies the secret outlaw kingdom of Ben Curry. For fifteen years Curry has ruled supreme. But the king is getting old, and he wants to turn his legacy over to someone and get out -someone like Mike. Mike is a young man who can handle a knife, a gun, his fists, and who's been trained in every criminal skill. But so far he's never broken the law. Now, as treachery explodes among Ben's riders, Mike must choose.between his loyalty to Ben or his yearning for a different life.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

#135 The Time Machine (Seeing Ear Theatre)

The Sci-Fi Channel's Seeing Ear Theatre brings you The Time Machine based on the novel by H.G. Wells. The story of a scientist who invents a time machine and travels 90,000 years into the future. A wonderful story adaptation brought to life under the direction of Charles Potter and featuring a excellent cast of actors. The Time Machine offers exciting adventure for listeners of all ages.

The Sci-Fi Channel's Seeing Ear Theatre produced more than 50 full-cast audio dramas based on the stories of some of the best living Sci-fi and fantasy writers of the day along with some great classics tales. They put together a first rate production team including but not limited to audio dramatists Charles Potter, David Rapkin and Sue Zizza. They assembled some of the best Hollywood acting talent. Names such as Brian Dennehy, Alfre Woodard, Timothy Hutton, Tony Danza, Oliver Platt, Krya Sedgewick, Stanley Tucci, Bebe Neuwirth, Tim Curry, Merwin Goldsmith, Bronson Pinchot, Mark Hamill, Marina Sirtis, Walter Koenig, Rene Auberjonois, Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael O'Hare, Annabelle Sciorra, Lorna Raver, Simon Jones, and more. The result was some of the best sci-fi and fantasy audio drama ever made. Lovers the genre are sure to enjoy these star studded productions which were created between 1997 - 2001.

The Time Machine - Adapted, produced and directed by Charles Potter
Sound Effects by Arthur Miller
Edit by Molly Thompson
Mix by David Rapkin
Recorded at Back Pocket Studios, New York

The Cast
Joe Morton as the Time Traveler
Timothy Jerome as Herb Wells
Alissa Hunnicutt as Weena
Margaret Albright
Matthew Arkin
John Brady
Jeff David
Ramon de Ocampo
Peter Newman

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#134 Leviathan 99 - Ray Bradbury (CART)

Ray Bradbury one of the most celebrated writers of the 20th-century has died. He leaves behind a legacy of creative storytelling that has taken millions of imaginations to the deepest reaches of adventure. From science fiction to fantasy to horror to mystery Ray Bradbury has inspired generations to dream. Leviathan 99 is just such a story: an imaginative adaptation of Moby Dick that takes listeners deep into outer space along with a strange cast of characters in order to search out the brightest comet in the universe... and destroy it. 

Ray Bradbury fans will certainly enjoy this production by California Artists Radio Theatre. CART brings together an all-star cast that features such names as Sean Astin (The Goonies, The Lord of the Rings), William Shatner (Star Trek, Boston Legal), Norman Lloyd (Alfred Hitchcock Presents), Walter Koenig (Star Trek) and more. Leviathan 99 was directed and produced by famed radio dramatist Peggy Webber and the legendary Norman Corwin. Live sound effects were provided by the great Tony Palermo. And there's even a special introduction by Ray Bradbury himself.

From CART:
A fantastical adaptation of Moby Dick, Ray Bradbury takes audiences past the moon and the stars in search of the greatest and brightest comet in the universe. Join a deranged captain, an eight-foot-tall telepathic spider, and our reluctant hero. You can call him Ishmael.

In memory of Ray Bradbury:  August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012