Friday, December 30, 2011

#122 The Count of Monte Cristo (BBC)

Alexander Dumas classic tale The Count of Monte Cristo is splendidly played out in this BBC production. As Edmond Dantes returns from sea to the girl and job of his dreams his meddling "friends" become jealous and have him unjustly imprisoned. He later escapes, acquires a fortune and sets out to exact revenge on the men who destroyed his life. Originally aired in 1987 this nearly 7 hour long production stars  Andrew Sachs, Nigel Anthony, Steve Hodson, Paul Gregory, Geoffrey Matthews, Melinda Walker and Leslie Sands. Unfortunately this program has not yet been released for purchase by the BBC. If you didn't catch the re-airing of it in 2011 on BBC 7 it might be awhile before it's available to hear again.

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